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About The Mexican Rug Company

"At The Mexican Rug Company we value customer service and operate a fair trade policy with our suppliers"

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About The Mexican Rug Company

The Mexican Rug Company (UK) Ltd is a family company based in Derbyshire, England, who specialise in importing authentic high quality hand made rugs and pottery from southern Mexico. Our personal representative in Mexico, who works solely for our Company, is in close contact with our suppliers on a regular basis. As a result of this we are able to offer our customers a unique opportunity to purchase authentic Mexican rugs and pottery with confidence, knowing that all the products we offer have been individually selected for quality, design, and reliability of supply.

Mexico is not a rich country and we at The Mexican Rug Company are committed to a policy of fair trade in order to help local craftsmen and women bring their products to the attention of the UK consumer. Our suppliers believe in preserving the traditional methods of manufacture and in maintaining their heritage. None of our goods are mass produced.

Many people’s preconception of Mexico is of sombreros and sunny holidays, but for those who care to delve a little deeper into the secrets of this incredible country there is a huge amount of culture to be discovered. The designs of the ancient Zapotec, such as those found at the historic sites of Mitla and Monte Alban, are still incorporated into the design of Don Isaac’s rugs, maintaining a living link to a noble heritage. All our rugs are made from 100% wool which is produced in Mexico, and the dyes used are of 100% natural origin. The rugs are woven by local craftsmen and women, on hand and foot operated looms, using skills passed down from generation to generation.

We are privileged to be the only authorised English distibutor of Alonso Luis Talavera, a traditional Mexican ceramic made by one of the most prominent designers in Puebla, Mexico. Although available in the United States we are delighted now to be able to introduce this exciting new product to the UK.

We are also happy to support our own local community in Milton, the village where we are based.
To find out more about Milton please click here,
Milton Village website

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